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Welcome to the SBC Witness, a blog dedicated to encouraging Southern Baptist cooperation and faithfulness, informing Southern Baptists about God’s great workings in our midst, and commenting on the most pressing issues facing our churches today. The contributors for this blog come from diverse backgrounds, with assorted areas of expertise, and can be found in churches, libraries, and classrooms in various locations across America. Although we’re separated geographically, we are united in our love for the Lord Jesus Christ and his churches, especially his Southern Baptist churches. We are operating out of a great love, gratefulness, and respect for the Southern Baptists who went before us. We hope to honor them with this blog by honoring Jesus of Nazareth, his Word, and his Work amongst the nations. And one of the ways that we hope to honor King Jesus is by honoring those that he has graciously given to his church. We invite you to join us by reading and commenting on any one of our interviews, SBC highlights, links, etc. We look forward to the days ahead and pray that this blog bring great glory to the name of the Lord Jesus and great good to his church. Hope to hear from you soon.

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