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The Death of Liberalism Covered by the ERLC

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission has a link on its website referencing several articles about the toll that Liberalism has had on the church. The article from the LA Times has been referenced by some of our favorite bloggers here and here. You can read it here. The LA Times article and another article entitled "God-Lite Doesn't Cut It" from the National Review tell a story that should be of great encouragement to the minister who strives to preach the scriptures as authoritative in our lives. This should strengthen our resolve to be committed to the authority of scripture and the exclusivity of Christ. It might stun you to realize the articles came from secular sources, but it is worth noting how the secular world looks at the problem of liberalism in the church. May this ERLC page make us grateful for the men of our convention who fought to win this battle over the “faith once for all delivered to the saints”. May we realize that the battle for the Bible was not just about rescuing poor theology, but the battle for the Bible was about rescuing the perishing.

Also, not to beat a dead horse but the ERLC has a link on alcohol. It, like the other alcohol links we have referenced, is very clearly and well put together. The page goes through a number of scripture references to help the believer think through this issue.

Nathan Akin

Praying for Change, Sitting in Silence

What servant of Christ with any vision for the church and the glory of God does not pray to be used as a conduit for God’s Spirit to flow through for the purpose of advancing the Kingdom of Christ?  Certainly, our greatest prayer must be for the gospel to be worked into people’s hearts, resulting in changed lives and true worshipers of the Father.  However, when I glance into the mirror of my life, I too often notice I am praying for change while sitting in silence.  Those of us who believe “the gospel is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes,” (Rom. 1:16) are the very ones who deny its power by never heralding the message.  Dr. John Avant, V.P. of Evangelization at NAMB, shares a testimony reminding us of the need to step out of our comfort zones in order to discover, or rediscover, the greatest joy in life.  May we be those who pray for change and speak of the supreme satisfaction for which the world is hungering.