Alcohol Issue is Covered in The Dallas Morning News

One of the largest newspapers in the country, the Dallas Morning News, released two articles concerning the alcohol issue in the SBC. Danny Akin, the President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, wrote his article a few weeks ago for Baptist Press, and it appeared in this recent Dallas Morning News’ release. Also, a rebuttal from Benjamin Cole, a pastor in the Arlington area, appeared. The alcohol issue came to the forefront of the SBC after a resolution passed at the convention.  Some estimates from the platform indicated that nearly 90% of the convention floor voted for the resolution, even after the messengers added an amendment discouraging the appointment of social drinkers to trustee boards (though the Dallas Morning News reported that nearly a fifth of the convention voted against the amendment). SBCWitness will continue to monitor this issue, and we hope that the discussion will lead to holiness of life and love for the lost.

Nathan Akin

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