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Southern Baptist Scholar Weighs in on the Relationship between the SBC and Evangelicalism

Last week I began posting on the question, "Are Southern Baptists Evangelicals." Lord willing, I will continue to post on that topic later this week or first of next week. As I noted in my earlier post, many scholars of both Baptists and Evangelicalism have weighed in on the question before. In fact, this topic has generated a number of scholarly articles and monographs over the last thirty years or so. At the present time many scholars are revisiting the question of the relationship between the two movements.

One of the scholars who has recently published on this question is Dr. Malcolm Yarnell III, associate professor of systematic theology, assistant dean for Theological Studies and director of the Center for Theological Research at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Yarnell's article, "Are Southern Baptists Evangelicals? A Second Decadal Reassessment," was published in the January 2006 issue of the scholarly journal Ecclesiology. Readers of this blog who are affiliated with colleges or seminaries may be able to access the article at the hyperlink above (provided that your institution subscribes to an online database of journals that includes Ecclesiology). Others may have to procure a hard copy of the article. Whether you can read the article online or have to secure a hardcopy from a theological library, I want to encourage everyone to read Dr. Yarnell's fine scholarly treatment of this critical question.