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Holiness and Holy Writ

Spurgeon's BibleEarlier this week Josh Powell posted Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s famous quote about holiness. Since holiness is such an important attribute for ministers, cultivating holiness is one of the primary concerns that each of us should have as a goal in our lives. We should constantly be striving to reflect the holiness of our Lord Jesus rather than being conformed to the passions of our former ignorance (1 Peter 1:13-16).

So how does we cultivate holiness? How do we begin to live out the holy lives to which we were called? What disciplines that we have help produce holiness in our lives? One of the most important, and most beneficial disciplines that we can pursue is memorizing scripture. One should not be content with merely reading and reflecting upon scripture. Actually knowing it should be our goal. Knowing scripture is vital for preaching, teaching, witnessing, and most importantly, for killing sin. To that end, I would like to recommend two websites that offer two different methods for memorizing scripture.

The first site is the “An Approach to Extended Memorization of Scripture” section of the First Baptist Church, Durhan, North Carolina. This site gives helpful instructions for how to daily use short periods of repetition to memorize large portions of scripture–even whole books of the Bible–over time. I have known numberous people who found this site beneficial to their souls, and I am thankful for this site.

The second site is the Figure 8 Scripture Memory System website. This system encourages reading and medidtating upon a chapter of scripture eight times a day for eight days. By doing this, one begins to master whole chapters of scripture. The system is a little more detailed than what I have described, so I recommend that you stop by the site and read up on the system.

Both of these sites are extremely valuable resources to believers. If holiness is one God’s goals for us, would we not be wise to avail ourselves of these means to its end?