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Dr. Mohler on Lite Preaching

picWe have been talking about preaching on Sbcwitness the past few days. Dr. Mohler’s past two blogs have covered some of the growing preaching trends and thoughts in the culture. The titles of these blogs are “Does God Want Us to Be Rich? TIME Looks at Prosperity Theology” and “The Problem of Preaching to Felt Needs”.  Check these out at Albert Mohler.com.


week 3: Separation Saturday


This week there are seven games featuring top 25 teams squaring off against one another. It should be a lot of fun, I plan to make chilli dogs, drink diet coke, and pretend to get reading done while watching the games. Sorry about missing last weeks games, I hope that does not happen again, and after about week 5 I will begin to keep a running talley of records for those that post their picks on our website.