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Thanking God for Our Trustees

Earlier this week the trustees held their semi-annual meeting at Southeastern Seminary. It is that time of year at all of our seminaries and many state Baptist colleges. At Southeastern, our trustees are among some of the godliest men and women I know. Some of them are faithful pastors in pulpits large and small. Some of them are godly laypeople who are faithful ministers of Christ in their "secular" vocations. I had a conversation yesterday with a man who has given sacrificially of his precious time and great wealth to support our ministry at Southeastern. He is a model of both genuine generosity and running a very successful business for the glory of God.

As Southern Baptists, we utilize a trustee system whereby the convention chooses men and women to speak on behalf of the whole convention in providing leadership to our agencies and institutions. The same thing also occurs on a smaller scale in our state conventions. The trustee system can only be as effective as the trustees themselves are godly, gifted, dedicated Southern Baptists. At Southeastern and other agencies all over the SBC, the system works well because our trustees serve with integrity and godliness.

So as a student and employee at Southeastern Seminary, I want to publicly thank our trustees for all that they do in leading and serving us. And as a Southern Baptist, I want to thank all of our trustees at all of our agencies for their hard work and godly example. We would not be what we are if you were not who you are. So I thank God for you and pray that your reward will one day be great for the service you now render in our Southern Baptist corner of the kingdom of God.