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Bill Curry on the Miami-FIU Brawl

brawlAs a lifelong fan of the Miami Hurricanes I was disgusted with the actions of this past Saturday night. I am embarassed by the response of the school, the school's faculty (President and AD), the school's coach, and the ACC. The punishments given to Miami players is a joke at best and almost criminal at worse. Larry Coker could earn my respect without another win by cleaning house (right before he is swept out of town at the end of the year for losing, not this fight). If Coker, Shalala, or Dee do not step up and do more, then all should be fired. There are many commentators in the sport's world who are making similar statements. They are blasting the University and it's response to this event. Few offer any reasons as to WHY this happened, other than the cliche that "Miami is Thug U." In the midst of this Bill Curry, former college coach and current analyst for ESPN, has offered a great analysis in my opinion. He says some hard and direct things that touch on family-life, leadership, and response to authority. His analysis is excellent and should be read by everyone in my opinion, especially fathers.

Curry says, "We live in a culture that celebrates belligerence like we once celebrated religious holidays. We live in a culture in which a large percentage of fathers have abdicated responsibility to raise their children. We live in a culture in which many parents would rather be friends with their children than disciplinarians of their children." Outside the setting of theological education or the church I have seen few who have the guts to make statements like this or even agree with its analysis. I respect ESPN for allowing it to be on their website, and I respect Coach Curry for writing it. I pray that God will use my wife and I, and many others, to teach the next generation what it means to respect authority.

 Jon Akin