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An Election Day Prayer

Heavenly Father,

We come to You in the name of Jesus Christ, our great Lord and Champion, the One who reigns on high above all earthly powers. We thank You for all that He has accomplished on our behalf, according to Your perfect plan and for the glory of Your Name. We thank You for the way You sovereignly rule our world, bringing all of human history to its ultimate consummation in Christ. And we thank You that Your gracious purposes infinitely exceeds the greatest desires of our hearts.

Lord, on this Election Day, we thank You for the nation in which we live. We know, Father, that untold billions of people live in other nations. We know that countless millions are our brothers and sisters in Christ, many of whom will never enjoy the freedom of worship that we enjoy until they pass into the next life. We thank you for a nation where we can freely worship You, where we can publicly preach the gospel, where we can freely share the good news of Jesus Christ with our family and friends. We thank you for a nation that is prosperous and powerful, though we recognize these as Your good gifts, subject to your divine providence and never to be taken for granted. And we thank You for many godly leaders, from local to state to national government, men and women who not only seek goodness and justice–which even a pagan can do because of your common grace–but seek these things for Your glory. Thank You for the way You have blessed America. We earnestly pray Your blessings will continue, not because we deserve them, but because You are a merciful and gracious God.

Father, on this Election Day 2006, we bring many concerns before You. First and foremost, we pray that Your will be done in whom is elected to public office. We pray that, in Your kind providence, those individuals who are elected will be honorable men and women of integrity, who seek to pass and govern laws that uphold justice and protect those who cannot protect themselves. We pray that, in as many cases as is possible, those individuals who are elected will be brothers and sisters in Christ, Your blood-bought children who are devoted to You and who are committed to a Christ-centered, biblically informed world and life view. We pray that referenda will be passed in many states that honor Your moral law and Your revealed will for humanity. We pray that You will be pleased with the choices that are made today.

Lord, we also pray that You will protect us from the temptations of the evil one on this election day. Lord, protect us from the temptation to place our trust in human government, for even though it is ordained by You, it remains tainted by the power of sin and corrupted by the wicked desires of men. May our trust ever be in Christ alone and in Your promises. Lord, protect us from an ungodly desire for power, manifested among so many Christians who allow politics to replace their passion of the gospel. And may we never confuse the two! Lord, protect us from the temptation as Christians to believe that the future of American politics belongs to us, and that we have the ability to do anything more than sway a particular election at a particular point in time, and even that only by your providence. Father, keep us humble, regardless of whatever political influence we may assert today or on any given day. Lord, protect us from the temptation to become disillusioned with morally just politics because of the sins of any leader. Lord, may your truth ever be seen to be greater than the strengths or failures of any one man, no matter how large his pulpit or how vast his influence. Lord, protect us from civil religion, from equating our faith with the platform of a political party or your plans with the election of a particular politician. Rather, may we always recognize the proper spheres of church and state, and may the line between the two never be blurred, that both may be preserved according to your kind pleasure.

Father, grant us wisdom as we vote today. Help us to vote in ways that honor You. Give us the strength to vote in ways that reflect Your character and not our own worldly desires. And Father, in all these things, may You be glorified and may Your purposes be realized. And we pray all these things in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.