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Bart Barber on Theological Triage

Among Dr. Mohler's many contributions to SBC life is his concept of "theological triage," which is a proposal for differentiating between first, second, and third tier theological commitments. This approach has been very helpful to many Baptists, myself included. But this approach is sometimes abused in the blogosphere, particularly when it is manipulated in such a way that almost anything short of a denial of the Trinity becomes a third tier issue (an issue not worth dividing over). In fact, in recent days I have wondered many times what Dr. Mohler thinks when he reads some of these misappropriations of his wise approach (if he reads them).

One blogger has weighed in on this issue with much wisdom and charity. Dr. Bart Barber, whose blog PraiseGod Barebones is the most cleverly named site in the Baptist blogosphere, has a new post called "Splinting Theological Triage." It is one of the very best things I have ever read on a Southern Baptist blog. I would encourage everyone to check out this fine post by one of the brightest young pastor-scholars in the SBC.