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Faith of our Father Spotlight: 4 Sons Say Happy Birthday to Danny Akin

Akin MenToday is Danny Akin's 50th Birthday. Many people around the SBC know Danny Akin and his ministry. They know him as President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. They know him as a teacher and theologian. They know him as a faithful expositor of God's Word. They know him as someone with a warm heart for the nations and evangelism. But there are only 4 men who have the privilege of knowing Danny Akin as father, and those are his sons: Nathan, Jonathan, Paul, and Timothy. On his 50th birthday, his sons would like to honor him by telling how he has impacted their lives. The "Faith of our Father" spotlight for January will be on the life and ministry of Danny Akin, beginning with the reflections of his 4 sons.

I am shocked that my Father has lived a half-century. There is no man I admire more than my father. It has been a wonderful privilege to grow up under the instruction and leadership of Danny Akin. Having known so many people who came out of broken homes, I count my many blessings for the guidance and love shown by my father. My father has also provided spiritual direction. He has throughout our lives stressed the importance of being totally devoted to our Lord and Savior. I am immensely grateful for my father introducing me to my Lord. I remember one time riding with my dad in the car and asking him what sort of job would please Jesus Christ, and my dad told me there were many, but that the key was to be willing to do anything that the Lord requests of us. My Dad made the statement "I'd sweep the streets for Jesus." This statement has stuck with me for many years, and I think that it correctly encapsulates in a phrase what I have learned above all else from my father. I love him as a preacher, I love him as a teacher, I love him as a father, but above all I am proud to say that My Dad is a man of God, a man committed and submitted to our Lord Jesus Christ. As I move past a quarter-century of living I pray that I will emulate my father as he emulates Christ. I hope that if I am ever blessed with a son that I will be able to raise him to be a man like his grandfather. Happy Birthday dad. I love you. Nathan Akin

My father is my hero. He is the single greatest man I have ever known. No one has impacted who I am as a follower of Christ, a man, a husband, a father, and a minister more than he. Like Dads are supposed to do he taught me. He taught me to oil a baseball glove. He taught me to throw a baseball. He taught me how to drive a car. He taught me to love my wife Ashley and our daughter Maddy. He taught me how to pray, read the Bible, preach, witness, and how to follow King Jesus. I am so grateful for his leadership in our lives. 1 Samuel paints a striking picture of men set aside for ministry, Eli and Samuel, whose sons were unrestrained from doing evil. Sadly, there are too many illustrations of these stories today. I am grateful for a father who disciplined and trained. I am grateful for a father who loved and spent time with his sons. I treasure the countless Saturdays spent watching football together and talking. I treasure the counsel and encouragement.

Psalm 127:4-5 says, "Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the sons of one's youth. Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them; they shall not be ashamed, but shall speak with their enemies in the gate." The beautiful picture of Psalm 127 is of a man who has sons when he is young, so that when he becomes mature his sons are coming of age and can stand with him against his enemies. Our dad has shown us what it means to be a warrior of the gospel. He has taught us to wield the sword of Christ. We now are coming of age, and we stand ready to go to the gate with him. Dad, we have our swords in hand. Love you. Jonathan Akin

Danny Akin is a man who is characterized by his love for the Lord Jesus Christ. All throughout my life, I have seen him yield to whatever it is that the Lord is guiding him to do. His life is evidence that he does not live to please men, but rather to please his Lord. While he is a tremendous preacher, faithful husband, and wonderful father, the thing that stands out the most is his obedience to Christ. Repeatedly I have witnessed him put aside his own agenda and desires to line his passions with that of the Bible and ultimately our Lord Jesus.

No man has had a greater impact on my life than my Dad. His love for Mom has been an example to me as to how I am to love and respect Kari. His discipline and care as a father are characteristics that I hope to one day emulate when the Lord blesses me with a family. His love for God's Word is apparent as he preaches the Bible with as much passion as anyone I know. Most of all, he is a man that walks with God and has surrendered his life to making Jesus' name known to all people. He has shown me how to love the nations. It is with great honor and privilege that I can say Happy 50th Birthday Dad, I love you and appreciate you very much. Paul Akin

My father is a man of the utmost integrity. He has never sought a promotion. He has always taught my brothers and me to be content with where the Lord has placed us. Furthermore, he is a loving, sacrificial, and dedicated father. He rarely missed a football or basketball game of mine or of my brothers. In fact, he would organize his busy speaking schedule around our athletic games. He has always taught us to keep our priorities in the correct order, and he displayed this through his actions.

My father is a faithful husband and minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My mother admires, loves, and adores my father more than any other person. They are best friends, and they illustrate for their four boys what a godly marriage is to be like. He has always put his wife and four boys before himself. Although my dad has taught me so many things, the greatest thing he has taught me is, all that matters is that you please Jesus Christ. My father is my favorite preacher and has taught me how to study, love, and preach the Word of God faithfully. Furthermore, he is my hero and I pray that I will be the same kind husband, father, and man that he has become. I love my father. He is the greatest man I have ever known. Tim Akin

Join us in saying Happy 50th Birthday to Danny Akin. If your life has been impacted in some way by Danny Akin, please share the story or comment with us.

Nathan, Jonathan, Paul, and Timothy Akin