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Faith of our Father Spotlight: Danny Akin Part 2

fatherDanny Akin is now offering a weekly podcast on his website. The site will release one sermon a week on Mondays. His sermon series through Jude will be released first, and will follow all the way through his series on the Revelation. He preached a 7-part series on Jude during Southeastern’s 2006 Spring semester. He preached the 36-part series entitled “The Great Unveiling” through Revelation when he served as teaching Pastor at Highview Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. These are all expository sermons, verse-by-verse through the final two books of the Bible. I would greatly encourage you to go to I-Tunes, his website, or Southeastern’s and subscribe to this podcast.

 His website also offers many other resources for pastors, students, and laypeople, and all of them are free. There are audios to all the sermons that he has preached in chapels at Southern and Southeastern Seminaries. He also provides notes and manuscripts for all these sermons. Dr. Akin has also includes articles that he has written and lectures that he has given. He supplies notes, outlines, and audio from workshops and conferences that he has taught. These include a “20/20 Apologetics conference” presented at Southeastern and his notes that he uses to teach at Jay Strack’s Student Leadership University in Orlando. Dr. Akin has a section devoted to theological and practical issues, which includes articles he has put together on topics such as Baptism, Church Discipline, Expository Preaching, Hermeneutics, Leadership, Pastoral Ministry, Spiritual Gifts, Eschatology, Fact Sheets on topics like alcohol abuse, and notes that he provides his students in his Christian Theology class. Also, in this section are audio-series’ delivered at Wake Crossroads Baptist Church on the topics of Bible Doctrine and on How to study, interpret, and teach the Bible. 

 Finally, he has included an extensive section on marriage and family. The section includes three audio-series’ that he has preached on marriage and family: “Song of Solomon: God’s Manual for a Marvelous Marriage,” “Making the Most of Your Marriage,” and “God on Marriage.” He also includes a marriage talk he does at his seminary for married couples at orientation. Dr. Akin has produced a 40+ page manual with materials on the topic and an article that he and Charlotte wrote on the home.

 The website has a ton of resources that Dr. Akin wants to be freely disseminated; I encourage everyone to use this tool to help their ministry.

 Nathan Akin