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The Myth of Hard-Hearted Southern Baptist Conservatives

I would not presume to speak for my fellow Witness contributors, but one of my favorite bloggers is Dr. Bart Barber. Bart serves as pastor of First Baptist Church in Farmersville, TX, and teaches Baptist history adjunctively at Southwestern Seminary. He also has the best named blog in the Southern Baptist blogosphere, Praisegod Barebones. Over the last ten months or so (since I discovered Bart's blog), I have agreed with about 98.4% of what he has written. And that's saying something, 'cause I am pretty doggone opinionated. Just ask my wife. Or my mom. Or Philip Tyre. Or Jason Fowler. But I digress …

The way I see it, Bart has hit a grand slam with his most recent post, "The Myth of Hard-Hearted Southern Baptist Conservatives" (read it here). I agree with Bart 100% on this one–Southern Baptists need to be more involved in the mercy ministries we are already involved in, but our number one priority should be taking the gospel to the ends of the earth. Its the gospel plus social justice, not social justice in lieu of the gospel. Lets put a coat on the man and see the man in that coat come to saving faith in our Triune God. 

Anwyay, you should really read the post for yourself.