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When Bloggers Become Tractarians

Back in the fall I wrote a series of articles on my personal blog. That series began with a post titled "Why I Don't Want to Be a Southern Baptist Sometimes" and was followed by sixteen posts on "Possible Solutions for What Ails the SBC." Because I am no longer blogging on my personal site, I have had requests in recent days to make hard copies of those posts available in some other format, just in case I decide to take the old website down. I have no intentions of taking the site down–I hope to convert it to a personal website in the near future. But I have decided to make the posts available in one place by editing them in booklet form and making them available as a downloadable pdf document. If you would like to read these posts, you can download the booklet as an attachment from this post. I also intend to put the booklet somewhere on my old blog site at some point in the coming weeks.