Dispelling a Rumor

As many of you are aware, a booklet titled Building Bridges was distributed to all the messengers at the SBC Annual Meeting. Drs. David Dockery and Timothy George were the authors of the booklet, which included their recent addresses from Union University's Baptist Identity II Conference. A rumor has begun to circulate in the SBC blogosphere that Dr. Richard Land verbally accosted Drs. Dockery and George in San Antonio because of the former's alleged disagreement with Building Bridges. According to Dr. Dockery, it did not happen. The rumor is not true. If you have posted this rumor on your blog, please be advised that it is false and kindly remove it from your blog or print a retraction.

This is another example of why it is incumbent upon bloggers to make sure they have their facts straight before they post their thoughts where the whole world can read them. Southern Baptist bloggers who claim the name of Christ should especially be known for the integrity with which they blog. No doubt we will all make mistakes from time to time. But we must be diligent to stick with the facts, especially during this period of our convention's history when information is so often used as a weapon and where internet rumors and innuendos damage the reputations of godly men, local churches, and the entire Southern Baptist Convention.

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