A Theology for the Church

A Theology of the ChurchThis month B&H Academic is officially releasing the long-awaited systematic theology textbook A Theology for the Church. The book is edited by Southeastern Seminary president Danny Akin and includes contributions from some of the brightest theologians in the Southern Baptist Convention. The following information is from B&H's website:

A Theology for the Church, an immense 992-page work edited by Daniel Akin, with contributions from leading Baptist thinkers Albert Mohler, Jr., Paige Patterson, Timothy George, and many others, addresses four major issues in regard to eight Christian doctrines.

What does the Bible say? Each Christian doctrine is rooted in the Bible’s own teaching in both the Old and New Testaments.

What has the Church believed? Christians have interpreted these doctrines in somewhat different ways through the centuries.

How do the doctrines fit together? Each Christian doctrine must cohere with the other doctrines.

How does each doctrine impact the church today? Each Christian doctrine must be meaningful for today’s church. It’s sure to become a widely-used resource in systematic theology study.

Those of us at SBC Witness highly recommend this valuable new reference work for pastors, seminarians, collegians, and other thoughtful Southern Baptists.

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