Dr. Wellum Interviewed About Baptism

Steve Wellum About a week ago Dr. Steve Wellum, professor of Christian theology at SBTS and editor of the Southern Baptist Journal of Theology, was interviewed by the king of the bloggers Justin Taylor. The interview contains a helpful introduction and summary of the credobaptist and paedobaptist discussion. You guys have probably already seen this. If you haven't, it is worth a look.

I thought that one of the most important points that Wellum makes in this interview was his perspective on the theological category called the "Covenant of Grace". He says 

In fact, I argued in my chapter that it would be best to place a moratorium on the category, especially if we want to make headway in the baptismal debate. In its place, we should speak of the one plan of God centered in Jesus Christ. And, furthermore, in speaking of the “covenant,” we must think in terms of the plurality of biblical covenants as we carefully unpack the relationships between the covenants across the canon. In short, it is imperative that we do a biblical theology of the covenants which, in truth, is an exercise in inter-textual relations between the covenants which, in the end, preserves a proper balance of continuity and discontinuity across the canon in regard to the biblical covenants. It is only when we do this that I am convinced we will make headway in our debate over the relationship between the biblical covenants without prejudicing the debate in one direction or the other.

Any critiques of this view or anything else he said in the interview?

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