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American Football in Central Asia

helmet     If there are two things that the Akin’s will be talking about when they get together it is football and Theology… The Akin family loves college football, except the oddball Paul (he thinks he is a real GM in fantasy football; he errs on the word “fantasy”), and on most Saturdays we are watching and text messaging each other about football games, especially SEC football (unquestionably the best conference). On the other hand, many of our other conversations center on topics from charismatic revelatory manifestations to Calvinism to emerging church methods and everything in-between. Tim, the youngest, has found a way to wed these two favorite pastimes of the Akin clan together. He and his wife Anna have the amazing opportunity to coach an American college football team (different than the futbol of the rest of the globe, we are talking pigskins here) in Central Asia.

    They have been joined on this trip by Josh Lanford and Jeremy Lyons. This group of young men and Anna are currently meeting the team Tim will be coaching and instructing them in “real” football. I am writing this to ask for those who read this blog to pray for the work that will be going on this area of the world. I ask for prayer that the Spirit would move in a mighty way to draw men to the Lord Jesus Christ, and that even now the Spirit would be moving with power and authority and conviction in the lives of these men who probably do not even realize that there is something so much greater than football that will be imparted to them. If you would like to know of ways that you can help support them you can email me at nateakin@gmail.com. Please pray for their safety, but more than that pray for something of eternal significance to happen. Oh yeah, and if you see the Akin’s just know that we are still talking football and theology, and at least one of us has figured a way to use this to make a difference for the Kingdom of Christ, now that will make an older brother proud of a younger.