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The Top US Conservatives and Liberals…

…according to the Telegraph. I have to say that I think this list isn't quite as accurate as they might like to think it is. Rudy Giuliani is not the most influential US conservative. But I have to be fair, this would not be an easy job. In fact, they admit that

it was far from easy to agree among ourselves as to who to include and in what order. Many readers will dispute a number of those who appear on our lists and no doubt be eager to put forward substitutes.

You can find the lists here.

If A Man Thinks That Women Should Be In Combat…

…he's a wimp. Do you disagree? Dr. John Piper doesn't care. Don't believe me? Here's the quote:

If I were the last man on the planet to think so, I would want the honor of saying no woman should go before me into combat to defend my country. A man who endorses women in combat is not pro-woman; he's a wimp.

Dr. Piper goes on to spend a few sentences writing about his view on biblical manhood and womanhood. He states that

God wrote manhood and womanhood on our hearts. Sin ruins the imprint without totally defacing it. It tells men to be heavy handed oafs or passive wimps. It tells women to be coquettes or controllers. That is not God's imprint. Deeper down men and women know it. 

It is worth your time to read the rest of this great article. You can read it here. Do you think this too strong? Does this go beyond the bounds of Scripture? Check out the article, then let me know.