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4 Sons Give Thanks by Saying Happy Birthday to Their Mother

 As Thanksgiving approaches, one is drawn to reflection of the blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon them. In the life of the Akin family, the top of this list would be the gift of Charlotte Akin. Many in Southern Baptist life simply know her as Danny Akin’s wife, some are blessed to know her deeper than that, but only a select few know her as closely as we do. In April of 2005, J. Gerald Harris wrote a wonderful story on her in The Christian Index entitled “Georgia Baptist Children's Home product, Charlotte Akin, is a woman of grace and charm”. I think that it will give you a small glimpse into why we believe she is so special. November 21st is her birthday and as Thanksgiving draws near we want to express our thanks for her by telling her happy birthday.

In a world where the family is turned upside down, I cannot help but be humbled and thankful for my mother. She has shown love to me even when I did not deserve it. So I am grateful to be able to write a tribute of thanks to her because she is a blessing to all those lives she touches, there is no mother that would be a greater gift to me than Charlotte Akin. Mom it is so hard to express adequately how special you are in my life and in the lives of those who know you. You display so many qualities of godliness and you do this with a humble spirit. I am blessed with the most loving, sacrificial mother in the world. Even as I try to write this I am frustrated because I understand that this note is not enough to show you how truly special you are in my life and I realize how insufficient my words are to express how I feel about you. As a child, I never thought to appreciate the kind of person you were and are, but as I have grown older, I become amazed at your strength, your life, and your love for our Lord. I want you to know that even though you are not recognized like Dad (and I am sure you are glad about this) as a hero to some, you are a hero to your four sons. You really demonstrate what the Lord Jesus Christ can do with a life that submits to Him. I want to wish you a happy birthday and tell you that I love you very much. You are an inspiration and encouragement to me. You are truly a reason to give thanks. Nathan

Mom I want to wish you a happy birthday. You exemplify Philippians 2 better than anyone I know. I want you to know that I love you very much. You truly display Christ-like, sacrificial love. I want you to know that I believe you exhibit Christ-likeness to me as much as anyone I know. In thinking about the blessing you are I am thankful that throughout my life it can be said of my mother that she exhibits “let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus”. Jon

Happy Birthday Mom. You are the most humble person I have ever known. The joy of Christ is evident in your life. You provide a great example of what it means to be a biblical woman and I hope you have a great birthday! Your devotion to the Lord, care for your husband, and love for your children is honoring to God. Along with Boaz and the author of Proverbs I can say that “all the people in the city know that you are a woman of excellence” (Ruth 3:11; Proverbs 31:10). You have taught all of us boys what it means to follow Jesus. Not a day does by that I am not thankful for the godly guidance you have provided. I love you. Paul

The Lord has blessed my family with the godliest woman I know. She has a servant’s heart and a desire to see people come to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. She grew up in a family where her parents and siblings did not have a relationship with Jesus. I can remember time after time as a young boy watching my mother share the Gospel with her family and them constantly rejecting the message. However, one evening when I was in high school, I was sitting in our living room and my mother walked in crying. So I asked her what was wrong and she told me with tears coming down her face and joy in her heart that her brother David had just recently given his life to Jesus Christ and he had just called to tell her. I realized that evening how blessed I was to have a mother that desired so much to see her family come to salvation in Jesus Christ. God has given her the gift of service and she is always faithful in serving the body of Christ through using this gift. When I was growing up, she was constantly putting her desires and needs behind the desires and needs of the rest of the family. She spent many hours over a hot stove cooking awesome meals for my dad, my brothers and me. Furthermore, she spent many hours driving all four of her sons from one sporting event to the other. I can remember one night as a senior in high school asking my mom to cook me a cheese quesadilla at ten thirty in the evening, within ten minutes she was brining the meal upstairs to my room. My mom did not do all of these things to receive applause, or because she thought we would love her more. She knew that we would love her no mater what. However, she did these things for us simply to serve us and show us how much she loved us. Charlotte Akin is a wonderful woman of God. She loves, encourages and supports her husband very much. She loves, serves, and supports her children, daughter in-laws and granddaughter very much. However, she does all of these things because she loves the Lord Jesus Christ more than anyone or anything in the world. My mother is not only the godliest woman I know, she is also my hero and that is why I smile every time people say that we are just alike. I love my mother very much, and I am so thankful that the Lord blessed me with her. Tim

On this holiday season, I hope you can “count your many blessings”, as the Akin sons hope to do this in a small way for their mother by echoing the Proverbs, “her children will rise up and call her blessed”.