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The Mission of Today’s Church

We at SBC Witness try to keep readers updated on new books related to Southern Baptists, but I have to confess we are a tad behind recently. Some interesting works have been published in the last few months, and some more are on the way. I hope to post about some of them in the next few days.

This post is dedicated to another great "newish" book from B&H Academic. The Mission of Today's Church: Baptist Leaders Look at Modern Faith Issues (B&H, 2007) is a collection of essays edited by theologian Stan Norman. The chapters include the following contributions:

"Ten Mandates for Southern Baptists" – Daniel L. Akin 

"Between Scylla and Charybdis: Reflections on the Baptist Way" – Charles S. Kelley

"The Church, Worship, and the Lord’s Supper" – David S. Dockery

"Three Views of the Church’s Mission in the Black Community" – James Jenkins

"Explaining the Gospel to Kids" – Charles L. Quarles

"The Missional Nature of the Church and the Future of Southern Baptist Convention Churches" – Ed Stetzer

"Together We Grow: Congregational Polity as a Means of Corporate Sanctification" – R. Stanton Norman

"Congregational Polity and Its Strategic Limitations" – Jerry Sutton

"Being Salt and Light in a Post-Christian Culture" – Barret Duke

"Cooperation among Southern Baptist Churches as Set Forth in Article 14 of the Baptist Faith and Message" - Jim Richards

"Toward a Theology of Cooperation" – Chad Owen Brand

"Salvation and the Sovereignty of God: The Great Commission a the Expression of the Divine Will" – Kenneth D. Keathley

This one is well worth taking a look at. I would also heartily recommend Norman's books More than Just a Name and The Baptist Way, both of which are also published by B&H (I have used the latter in my Baptist History and Identity classes).