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Vote 2008: Ranking the Issues

Not too long ago, my fellow SBC Witness contributor Nathan Akin wrote a provacative post titled Vote 2008: How Would You Vote if Both Candidates are Pro-Choice? In that post, Nathan made it clear that he could not, in good conscience, vote for a political candidate who is pro-abortion. That post generated some interesting comments, though regrettably not as many as it should have.

To piggyback on Nathan's earlier post, I want to raise a question: as we approach the 2008 primary season, how would you rank the issues? In other words, in your opinion what are the five or ten most important issues at stake in 2008, and in what order would you rank those issues? I ask this question assuming that none of us agree 100% with any political candidate, thus making it necessary for us to have some type of personal grid we use to assess candidates and make a reasoned decision.

Please note that this post is about political issues, not things like a candidate's character, religion, electability, etc. While those may be legitimate things to take into consideration, please focus specifically on how you rate the actual issues that are being debated by the candidates.