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Ezell Above Board on Financial Issues

The question of the SBC presidency always brings about other questions. One of the key questions has to do with the percentage that a church gives to Great Commission causes, with a particular emphasis on Cooperative Program giving. Since pastor Robert Jeffress declared his intention to nominate Dr. R. Albert Mohler for SBC president at the 'O8 convention, this question has surfaced. Fortunately for us, Pastor Kevin Ezell is the type of man who leads the type of church that is comfortable showing the SBC how they allocate their money. Let me just say how thankful I am for the generous, strategic pattern of giving that this statement reveals. 

Also, if you are new to this discussion, you might check Bart Barber's recent piece on it. It touches on some of the complexities present.  

Why Dr. Mohler for SBC President?

In case you couldn't think of any, Tony Kummer has put together a nice list of reasons why Dr. Mohler would make a great SBC president. Can you think of anymore reasons for Mohler '08?