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New Article Available on Betrothal View of Divorce

Back in October, I posted an entry discussing the betrothal view of divorce and remarriage. The issue of divorce and remarriage continues to be a hot topic and one that I find my students are struggling to come to a consistent position. This issue probably generates the most response in my classes, and I have devoted an extra week of class this semester to the topic based on last semester’s discussion.

In the October 20, 2007 issue of Christianity Today, David Instone-Brewer wrote an article regarding his view of divorce and remarriage that is perhaps the most permissive view found within evangelical circles. Now there is a new article on the other end of the evangelical spectrum from Instone-Brewer. David W. Jones, Associate Professor of Christian Ethics at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, has recently had an article published in Bibliotheca Sacra. His article is entitled "The Betrothal View of Divorce and Remarriage" and can be found in the January-March 2008 edition of BibSac. This is an academic journal that can be found at the libraries of your nearest seminary, divinity school, or university with a religion department.

Much of what Jones discusses in the article may also be found in the audio from his presentation at Southwestern Seminary’s 2007 Baptist Distinctives Conference on "The Family." Jones offers lexical and contextual support for the betrothal view and provides and academic source for those doing research on the issue of divorce and remarriage, specifically as it relates to the betrothal view.