What Kind of Man Are You?



I have heard it said before, “You can tell a lot about a man by what is on his I-Pod. We live in a day that is much different than that of our forerunners in the faith, in that we can listen to the sermons of men on a weekly basis even if we live far from them. In the past chapel sermons from our Southern Baptist Seminaries would have been unavailable for listeners that could not attend or would require pounds of cassette tapes delivered to their front door. Now, I can put sermons from all six of our Southern Baptist Seminaries from years at a time on a device that weighs about a pound. It is an intriguing time, so with all this technology and the ability to listen to men from all over the country I became inquisitive about what others have on their podcast folders.

Here is what I have on my I-Pod:

• Albert Mohler Radio Program– I understand that I cannot read every book, so as my Dad says “listen to the man that can.” I go here to hear about the relevant issues of the day seen through the eyes of one of the leading evangelical thinkers in the World. (Dr. Mohler you are in our prayers).
• Dr. Russell Moore’s Bible StudyDr. Russell Moore is one of my favorite speakers, probably second only to my Father, and I am a fan of his hermeneutic. I have an extensive folder of Dr. Moore Audio on my I-Pod. Through his podcast are available a study on Exodus entitled Exit Strategy: The Gospel of Jesus in the Book of Exodus and a current study on Hebrews entitled “Blood Brother: The Word of Christ in the Gospel of Hebrews”.
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Chapel Audio– Dr. Mohler has been leading a series on the Apostles Creed and you are always sure to find good bible exposition and a challenging word from those speakers that fill the pulpit once filled by Boyce, Broadus, and Mullins.
• Highview Baptist Church, Louisville, KY East CampusDr. Kevin Ezell and Jimmy Scroggins are two men that I admire and respect very much. When I was in Louisville I was a member of this church and I check in from time to time to see what I am missing now that I am gone.
• Highview Baptist Church, Louisville, KY Spencer Country CampusPastor Nick Moore is someone with whom I having a growing friendship and he also shares a similarity with Dr. Moore’s hermeneutic. He as well as all the Highview campuses are preaching through the book of Matthew in 2008.
• Highview Baptist Church, Louisville, KY Valley Station– I listen every week to my Brother Jonathan’s sermons. I am probably a little biased but they are a blessing to me. He has preached through the book of Romans, through a series on “Heroes of the Faith” (I love this series, in fact, I hope he will finish writing blogs on these heroes he has preached on, he has employed a very Christocentric approach in viewing these men, an aprroach on which he has blogged extensively, please put pressure on him to finish this series), through a series on missions in the book of Jonah, through a series on wise living in the book of Proverbs, and is now beginning the Gospel according to Matthew.
• Pastor Mark Driscoll AudioPastor Driscoll has preached on several engaging topics. I’ve not listened yet to his series “Vintage Jesus” but have heard many good things about it. He has preached through the book of I Corinthians in a series entitled “Christians Gone Wild”, through the Book of Nehemiah and the importance of the City, and through the book of Philippians. He is now working through a series on questions submitted by his congregation that they wanted answered. It’s an "ask anything" type of format, very interesting.
• Resurgence Featured Audio– This group effort generally provides audio from men like D.A. Carson, John Piper, Tim Keller, and Mark Driscoll. It is a cooperative effort on missional theology. There are some great topics covered here… I highly recommend this podcast.
• Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Chapel AudioSoutheastern Seminary chapel is a joy to attend. I often go back and listen to the preaching presented in chapel. Dr. Akin last semester did a series on the lives of great missionaries (William Carey, Adoniram Judson, Bill Wallace, and Lottie Moon) and he tied their stories in with a text of scripture that categorized their lives. This has caused me to want to read the books on the lives of these great missionaries; he also preached a message like this about Jim Elliot at SEBTS recent Missio Dei conference. Weekly at SEBTS we are blessed to hear from men that are wonderful preachers of God’s Word.
• Daniel Akin Audio– I may hold a bias here but this is my favorite preacher. His podcast is a great tool for expository preaching. The podcast releases once a week a sermon from his website. So far they have released his work through the books of Jude, Revelation, and Song of Solomon; as well as his paper delivered at The Building Bridges Conference (a great work to challenge Southern Baptists to cooperate between Calvinists and non-5pointers). Also, he preaches on Wednesday nights at his Church. He has been preaching through the Psalms and is taking a break to go through a series on Worldview that can be found at the Wake Crossroads Baptist Church podcast.
• The Village Church, Pastor Matt Chandler– He is a young pastor in the Dallas area that also is a part of the Resurgence Audio group. He preaches expository sermons and has done so through the books of Hebrews and Luke.

I don’t know exactly what this says about me, but maybe someone could offer up some suggestions :)

I want to hear from you. What podcasts do you recommend? What do you have in your podcast folder? What kind of man are you?

Nathan Akin

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