New Look, New Platform

Tonight SBCWitness migrated to a new look (the one you see) and a new platform (WordPress). If it causes any difficulties, we apologize. Because of the migration, many links have probably been deprecated, as have many feeds. We felt that the trouble was worth the upside of not having to work with Drupal (our old platform) any more.  So, enjoy the new look and platform.

6 Responses to “New Look, New Platform”

  1. I think the idea of a new look is great. But, I’m not trying to be meanspirited, but the orange is very unreadable against the gray background and it strains the eyes. Please don’t be offended. The layout is good, but…

  2. Wesley,

    Sorry about that, and thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    Long story short, it was an Internet Explorer 6 problem that I didn’t account for. I’ve added a fix that may make it better.

  3. Wes,

    Jason wanted the orange because he is a huge Clemson fan.


  4. Jason,

    Looks nice. Of course, you are the WordPress pro with all the work you did with the library website. 😉

    I think the new look with not only service the aesthetic tastes of your readers but also function well with search engine optimization and other functional aspects.

  5. A few webdesign notes:

    The content container always sits in the center of the browser, so if your browser window is wider than the background image (like mine is), the content sits half on the background image, half on black nothingness.

    Also, I agree that the orange is a little bit tough on the eyes, but not too bad.

    Also, your old RSS doesn’t work anymore, which is why I just now found out about the redesign (thanks Nathan).

    Over all, a great design, and good call switching to wordpress.
    Looking forward to reading more articles.

  6. @Timmy,

    You’re way too kind. WordPress definitely helps with SEO, IMO


    I knew that was coming. I tried to Auburn it up a little by darkening it up a little, but you know what Lewis Grizzard said: “Clemson ain’t nothing but Auburn with a lake.” Personally, I would never insult an SEC school that way, but you Dawgs don’t always try to keep it classy :)


    Thanks for the tips. I will look into the black issue in my free time. As far as the RSS goes, that’s just one of those deprecation issues we’ll have to deal with. As far as the orange goes, I hate orange, but it contrasts with blue well. If you use a dark theme, it limits your color selection.

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