Oprah: What to do with her?

If you have even a tiny part of your ear turned toward secular media then you have heard of Oprah Winfrey’s latest belief system, which, essentially is merely a culmination of her spiritual journey over the years. Because of this there has been a lot of talk about boycotting Oprah among Christian circles. I’m not sure that boycotting is the route that we should take. I think pastors and Christian leaders, among others, need to keep a keen eye on who and what Oprah endorses because of her tremendous influence and power. We need to educate our people as to why who and what she endorses are wrong. Believe it or not, there are many housewives and stay-at-home moms that watch her daily. Take a few minutes to watch this video. The beginning and ending is a little corny but the middle part is well done. After watching it, finish reading this post below the link.

This is what Tim Keller calls our ‘self-salvation project.” (The Reason for God, p.234) The bottom line in this belief system is that people do not want to believe that they are sinful. Additionally, they would like to believe that they can earn their salvation through themselves. This belief shouldn’t surprise us since we live in a culture of “earning.” Most everything that we have “earned” is ours, our society believes. This is especially true to the unbiblical, hard-working, self-sacrificing American person. This belief, and way of life, is completely antithetical to what the Gospel teaches. The Gospel teaches that man is sinful and that we cannot earn our salvation through ourselves – not that man is good and we can save ourselves.

Oprah is essentially teaching what every human being deep down desires – to “put God in our debt” as Keller states, and to earn our way to Him. That way He is in our debt and deserves to give us the sinful desires of our hearts. Oprah’s heresy is not just something that we should casually pass over. It is something that we need to interact with, pick apart, and educate to our people because the core of her belief system slaps God in the face and spits at Jesus while he lays stretched out on the cross.

Here is the question to debate: How should we go about educating our people about Oprah?

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  1. Charlie,
    Thanks for this posting. I was not aware of the extreme fallacy of the position of the book that is the center of her on-line class until I saw the video. I was aware that is was quite new-age in it’s leaning, but never expected blasphemy!!

  2. One way we are going about it is from the pulpit. Our pastor has just started a series on “Doctrine”(something our people are needing) and the first sermon was “The Doctrine of God”. We took this as an opportunity to show the video that is getting so much attention. We did this not to blast Oprah, but to show that without Biblical Doctrine this, and other areas like it, are where we end up.

  3. Rod,

    Thanks for your comments. Preaching doctrinal series is a great way to not only reinforce core beliefs but to also expose heresy.

  4. You people are tied up in the religiousity of it all. You are judging, when does it not state in the bible to let God be the one who judges? Who are we to say one way or another? Believe what you believe, and let others believe what they want.

    What about the tribes of the world that have never seen modernization? What about the Catholics. Are you telling me that none of you have friends of another religion???

    I just can’t follow the line of thought here.

  5. Shane,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us.

    A couple of quick points:
    1. I don’t think anyone here is being judgmental. What you see in Charlie’s post is an example of discerning what is inconsistent with biblical truth. Oprah’s position is different from the biblical position of Jesus who said, ““I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”(John 14:6) This is the same Jesus who put the prohibition on judging. Oprah is basically saying that Jesus is wrong. When given a choice between trusting the word of Oprah or trusting the word Jesus, we would do well to trust Jesus.

    2. Your counsel to “Believe what you believe, and let others believe what they want,” is counsel that even you can’t keep consistently. The fact that you posted here means that you think those who post on this board should believe differently — perhaps believe more like you. You believe that getting along with others is important enough for you to seek to change someone else’s position. I believe that right belief about God and right relationship with him is important enough to seek to persuade others.

    3. I think you would find that all of the posters on this blog have friends of other religions. We’re all pretty easy to get along with. We love other people, and simply want the best for them — that even includes Oprah. I think we would also tell you that the very best thing we could ever do for anyone is to tell them about the Lord Jesus who died for our sins and changed our lives.

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