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The future of the SBC?

cp logoThere are two items that have been released in the last week that, in my opinion, need to be read and thought about. One was an interview that the biblical recorder did with Dr. Akin, the President of SEBTS, and the other was a blog written by JD Greear at Summit Church in Durham.

In Dr. Akin’s interview he touches on the future of the SBC and addresses important issues like regenerate church membership, the bureaucratic logjam that characterizes the SBC, etc. His insights are timely and needed.

Pastor Greear’s blog is about young leaders/pastors in the SBC. He makes some great points that, in the opinion of this “young” Southern Baptist, are right on the money both literally and figuratively. Both need to be read and thought about as we contemplate the future of the SBC.

Jon Akin