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Slate on Osteen

Slate.com just published a piece about Joel Osteen’s new book, Become a Better You. This article was just too well written not to share.

Things you wish you never said…

Gardner-Webb University

Just last week, I watched the end of the Gardner-Webb vs. Kentucky basketball game. For the sake of the Wildcats, I was hoping it was an exhibition. Unfortunately for Kentucky faithful, it was not. Gardner-Webb, technically a mid-major conference team (but not even on the list of mid-major teams that would ever concern a team like Kentucky), humiliated the Wildcats. While such a story would be big enough news, I ran across something even more profound (?) in an article about mid-major teams knocking off the big boys. This time the embarrassment seemed to be on the little guy.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram ran an article about mid-major teams. Here's an excerpt from the article.

After beating Kentucky, the school decided it was time to get with the times and establish an Internet site.

"Prior to this week, we never really had any use for a web site," said John Michael Thomas, Jr., the school's president. "Never really got that much attention, and weren't really sure that this whole 'web thing' was going to stick, anyway. So we didn't get around to it."

Before you go to mocking GWU's president as a media neophyte, let me share the rest of the story. The president of GWU (according to their website) is not John Michael Thomas, Jr. The school's website dates from at least 2005, but that is most likely just the current version dating back 2+ years. The athletic department website lists a copyright of 2007 but also appears to pre-date the big win over Kentucky.

For the first time in my life, I actually sent a letter (technically an email) to a reporter about a story. I am waiting to hear back for the explanation. Either way, this one will go down as something you wish you never said. If the reporter is correct, the president of GWU needs to get into the mid-1990s. If the reporter was wrong, he may go back to covering high school basketball rather that mid-major college teams.

I will update the entry when I hear from the reporter.

In somewhat related, SBC-political news, Gardner-Webb is one of 5 Baptist colleges in NC that the Baptist State Convention of NC voted to allow to sever their trustee and financial ties to the state convention.

Good News–No Cocaine Was Involved!

If you are wondering what I am referring to, please read this article. I thought about waxing eloquent about how debased America's popular culture is, but I am so bumfuzzled by this "news" piece that all I can do is throw up a link and hope Al Mohler, Russ Moore, or Denny Burk takes the time to say something worthwhile about this little cultural nugget.


 There are a few things in life that people will never agree on. Such issues are which college football conference is the best, baptist polity, and barbeque sauce.

I've lived in a few different places in my life. Growing up in Columbia, SC, I thought that the only type of barbeque sauce that existed was a mustard-based mixture. However, a friend from Georgia introduced me to a tasty ketchup-based style that excited my pallet.

When I lived in Texas I had some type of sauce that was good but it gave me heartburn.

When I moved to North Carolina I fell in love with vinegar-style.

We here at the Witness are vastly interested in which type of sauce you think is the tastiest.

If you look at the post below this one, you'll see a very scientific poll and we want you to take it.